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Vector Gaming Forums A Proboards forum to discuss anyhing to do with Vectors including the Vectrex.
www.facebook.com/groups/vectrex Facebook page covering all things Vectrex for more than 3,300 members.
www.reddit.com/r/Vectrex A growing Reddit forum dedicated to the Vectrex.
rec.games.vectrex Old news group for Vectrex game system - operational since 1989 - if you canít find an answer to a question in the previous posts you can always post a new question.
www.vectrexmuseum.com Oliverís site - offers a good summary of Vectrex history plus lots of other information - but hasn't been updated for quite some time.
Vectrex Game Database A mirrored version of the Vectrex Game Database hosted on Vectrex Museum. Spanning all games and hardware to 2012.
vectrex.wikia.com A place for all Vectrexians to gather to discuss the Vectrex.
www.atarihq.com/vectrex Spikeís big page - a US website - includes news, message board and downloadables.
www.vectrex.de Helmut's site - German news blog for the Vectrex. Not German? Click here for the online translated version.
www.playvectrex.com Brett Walachís huge resource on the Vectrex including many "How toís" for modifying and building hardware. Doesnít seem to have been updated for some time but contains a lot of useful info.
www.playntradeonline.com/vectrex Andy Colemanís "The Ravenís Retro Nest" - author of Spike goes skiing and City Bomber. Also the creator of the 72:1 multicart. Does include general info on the Vectrex.
www.ozyr.com Ozyr's Vectrex Instruction archive - game instructions in text format
Vectrex Wraps Vectrex Wraps project pages - Protector/YASI skin for the Vectrex.
Vectrex Serial Number List List of serial numbers - Possibly of interest to Vectrex historians? No longer accepting entries.
Vectrex Radio blog Blogspot containing info and download links for all the Vectrex radio audio podcasts.
Definitive Guide The Definitive Guide to Vectrex Collecting by 50TBRD - Comparisons of all versions and variations of Vectrex software and hardware.
www.vectrex.com Link to Rantmedia's Vectrex regeneration app - the app that emulates a Vectrex on your iPad or iPhone.
www.racketboy.com A beginners guide to the Vectrex.
www.vecfever.com The VecFever support page. Here you can get the latest VecFever firmware plus all the latest vector arcade emulator games.
www.vectrex32.com A cartridge that plugs into the Vectrex, connects to your computer via USB, and allows you to write, debug, and run games using interactive, interpreted BASIC running on a 32 bit microcontroller on the cartridge.
www.tiny.cc/VectrexHomebrews Brian Matherne's list of links to Vectrex cartridge ROMs, desciptions and where available, downloads. Useful for feeding your programmable carts!