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Saturday 1st November 2008 - ParaJVE Version 0.6.0 released by Parabellum !!!
ParaJVE has been updated! Now ParaJVE also emulates VecVoice (the homebrew voice synthesizer). Only a few games currently exist for the Vectrex that operate with VecVoice, such as Verzerk (MB/GCE's Berzerk but hacked to operate with VecVoice) and YASI (voice enhanced Space Invaders). However, this might kick start the home brewers and experimenters into making more games using VecVoice now that testing can be readily done using the emulator and thereby negating the need for a real VecVoice. The author of the new ParaJVE has also provided emulation for the light pen - and no pen hardware is necessary; instead the mouse can be used. This allows binaries such as Art Master and Melody Master to be run on ParaJVE. In addition a whole lot of other updates have been made including bug fixes, extra command line parameters and support for onboard RAM on cartridges (making it possible to run the Animaction binary). Head on over to author Franck Chevassu's blog to download the latest version of ParaJVE.

Saturday 20th September 2008 - VGT goes bi-monthly, Mail Plane really exists...
Busy, busy, busy... Ok first news is that VGT has gone bi-monthly, with all new issues now printed as paper copies for subscribers, followed by freely viewable online copy for the masses a few weeks later. There's a promotional video for the magazine, unfortunately they didn't include anything Vectex :( Bi-monthly means that my article about Madtronix's 3D imager will now not be printed until November. With serendipitous timing, Fury recently showed images of his new 3d imager game called 3D Sector X. Fury says the game isn't going to be ready until next year, but its another reason for having a 3D imager, because the new game idea looks to be awesome! I do have other VGT articles on the way, but progress is slow because I am now also writing my own Vectrex game (a maze type scrolling game). This month has been quite exciting for Vectrex fans, because after years of speculation, the light pen controlled game called Mail Plane has surfaced on eBay. As is always the case a few have wondered if this was the real thing. Well, its real alright, the seller has proved that its a fully working copy by posting a video on YouTube. Persevere with the YouTube video because at first it looks like the game only advances as far as the flight map. Maybe one day, the binary can be released and shared by all, because it looks to be a really unusual game.

Monday 4th August 2008 - Review of ParaJVE Vectrex emulator
The August issue of VGT (Issue #8) includes my review of the ParaJVE Vectrex emulator. You can see this article for free in flash format or purchase the magazine as a paper copy. To read it, visit www.videogametrader.com. Things are afoot in the land of Vectrex. Madtronix, developer of various Vectrex hardware is becoming active again. He has a new online store soon to be "doing business" at www.store.madtronix.com. I've just finished a review of his 3-D imager which will be in the September issue of VGT. Martijn of RevivalStudios recently announced his activities, a few new games and VexOS nearing completion. He's hoping to have some of them ready before the Eurocon 2008 event to be held in October. www.eurocon.info. So the next few months look to be quite interesting.

Monday 9th June 2008 - Kristof Tuts anounces special Vectrexians cartridge #000
Kristof has stated on his website that the first person to send a movie showing the completion of all 20 levels and the end screen of his Vectrexians game, will win a special version of the game with serial number #000. So Vectrex players, the challenge is set, be the first to complete Vectrexians. Post note Jun 21st - Competition now over - congrats to WizDawg!!!

Thursday 5th June 2008 - Review of Vectrexians and new multicart published in Video Game Trader Magazine!
The June issue (iss. 6) of Video Game Trader includes my reviews of Kristof Tuts' Vectrexians and Andy Coleman's 72 Game Multicart. To read it, visit www.videogametrader.com

Saturday 10th May 2008 - More Vectrex Articles published in Video Game Trader Magazine!
Issue 5 (May issue) of the Video Game Trader magazine has been published and includes my review of Vectoblox (a Sokoban clone) by Revival Studios. This issue is a special issue in that it is a paper issue and not a free downloadable pdf. This is also special because I also noticed a couple of typos had been introduced :( (must learn to not leave things to last minute!) I have got permission from the editor to put all the articles that I submit to VGT on this website, providing I do so after a few months after publication. So watch out for this. Meanwhile, a non printable pdf of issue 6 of VGT to be released in June will include two more articles from me: An exclusive review of the Vectrexians game (Galaxian clone) from Kristof Tuts, and a review of Andy Coleman's 72 Game Multi-cart (both thoroughly checked for typos!)

Tuesday 1st Apr 2008 - Vectrex Article published in Video Game Trader Magazine!
Video Game Trader magazine is a new monthly magazine and price guide for the retro games console scene. Issue 4 is now out and includes my article titled "Game over ....Continue?" which details how I caught the Vectrex bug. See the Video Game Trader Magazine website for more information (you can download a non printable pdf file of the magazine for free). There's also a review of Fury's Vectrex game "Vector 21" plus many interesting articles for other consoles too: www.videogametrader.com

Sunday 2nd Mar 2008 - Proof that the Vectrex is not a toy!
Girlfriend or wife accusing you of being a big kid? I recently obtained a Vectrex with all its stickers intact. I didn't pay too much attention before, but on one of the stickers it clearly states that the Vectrex is not a toy! : Vectrex rear sticker

Tuesday 12th Feb 2008 - Added new article on VecDev.
Added a document about the forthcoming VecDev cartridge from Richard Hutchinson. This product helps reduce the software development lifecycle for Vectrex programmers and is also suitable for gamers who like to be able to be able to select games to play on their Vectrex via the PC. Here's the link to the pdf : VecDev Developer's Cartridge

Tuesday 1st Jan 2008 - Vectrex.co.uk website is launched!!!
Welcome to this new website all about the GCE/MB Vectrex. There are already several good Vectrex related websites out there, but the intention for this website is to act as a complementary resource for documents and other information not easily available or visible from the other sites. Of course the other websites can copy, but at the time of writing this website is the first to host all the Jay Smith Vectrex related patents. In addition we want to retain originality and exclusivity by writing and hosting our own documents and will continue to search for other information not widely known about the Vectrex.