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New Mine Storm Reproduction Overlay is here
Finally, the new batch of repro Mine Storm overlays is here and ready to ship! Please note these overlays are professionally screen printed and die cut. These should not be confused with the cheaper and lower quality homemade ink jet produced overlays that can be found on the internet. You will find it very difficult to tell the difference from the original Mine Storm overlay. The only give away is the small copyright text on the right side of the reproduction overlay. This text says reproduction on purpose in order to distinguish it from the original.

The pricing is as follows:

UK - 9 (overlay) + 1.65 (post & packaging) = 10.65
EU - 9 (overlay) + 3.10 (post & packaging) = 12.10
US/Canada - 9 (overlay) + 3.85 (post & packaging) = 12.85

For the same postage amount I can post up to two overlays in the same package.

If you would like to purchase a reproduction Mine Storm overlay please email sales@vectrex.co.uk stating quantity required and your country.