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Thursday 10th January - *** Happy New Year ***!
Happy New Year to everybody especially Vectrex fans. It's 2024 and our beloved Vectex scene grows from stength to strength, with new software and hardware. It's amazing to see that there are more than 6,400 persons registered in the closed Vectrex Fans Unite facebook forum.

Astute and regular readers will have definitely noticed less news from me over the last 1.5 years. That's not because my interest in the Vectrex has wained. Far from it, its just that real life is taking all my time.

I've got a backlog of things to finish for the Vectrex. First off, I'm going to do some tidying in the man-cave, so next couple of months you'll be seeing me sell some Vectrx stuff off. First off I've got a load of new Vectrex Vector Blade original overlay to sell off. I'll put up a post about it here, but also will be using eBay. Also expect some AutoFire Dongles (V2) to be released this year. I've got all the parts including 3D printed high quality housing, again just need the time to assemble them.

I made some progress on theVecCab last year, but I still need to finish it off. In parallel I was working on a full size Vectrex arcade cabinet too, so far only the innards. The final Vectrex aim for me is to finish off the game that I started writing more than 10 years ago! It was going so well until my Windows XP computer Hard disk crashed. I reinstalled onto a Windows 10 computer, but the compiler will not execute on a 64bit platform. I still have all the game code and when I have time I will look at getting it to compile in Malban's Vectrex Integrated Development Environment (VIDE).

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