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California 'Tank' Makes Great Stride With Toys Sarasota Herald-Tribune newspaper article about Smith Engineering - 28th September 1980
Boca Raton News Boca Raton local newspaper article about Smith Engineering - 4th January 1981
Milton Bradley Acquires G.C.E Arcade Express - 12th September 1982
Vectrekking! One of the first reviews of the Vectrex in a magazine? Electronic Fun with computers and games - November 82
First look - The Vectrex Arcade System Byte - 12th December 1982
News Release Rogers & Associates Public Relations Marketing Communications News Release announcing release of the Vectrex - 6th June 1982
Amusement Arcadia Personal Computer World - August 1983
Star Trek Videogames Videogaming Illustrated - June 83
"An auto-racing game you can really lap up" The Milwaukee Journal newspaper article - Review of Pole Position - 3rd March 1984
Vectrex advert circa 1984 Old advert for Vectrex circa 1984 (post video game crash)
VectrexMad! AutoFire DongleInterview with VectrexMad! about the autofire dongle, Video Game Trader Magazine, Issue #19, October/November 2009