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www.vectrex.hackermesh.org J. Mateosís website: manufacturer of easy to use multicarts for the Vectrex and other consoles.
www.RecycledGamer.com Chuck Van Peltís website: seller of modded game controllers and light pens for the Vectrex.
www.madtronix.com John Maccallanís current website. It contains his blog and his shop for various Vectrex goodies.
www.old.madtronix.com John Maccallanís old Vectrex website. Information on VecVox, 3D-Imager, Lightpens and Multicarts. The website appears not to have been updated since 2006.
http://console5.com/wiki/Vectrex A resource showing pictures and the steps involved to replace all the capacitors in the Vectrex system. Also sell kits for capacitor replacement and de buzzing the Vectrex audio.
www.little-scale.blogspot.com Sebastian Tomczak's blog - Tom is an electronic music musician and experimenter. His blog details his various musical activities including occasionally making music with a Vectrex via its joystick ports.
www.vectex.itherm.cz Pavel Urbancikís blog on the development of his Vectrex clone. Also includes details on making a multi cart.
vectrex-buzz-fix-enjoy-the-silence A specific link to a blog topic on removing the buzz in a Vectrex.
www.levosretrocomputerprojects.co.uk Levo's retro computer projects page. In 2021 he made a new Vectrex programable cart - this is one of the first to include an Oled display - details can be found here.