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www.pelikonepeijoonit.net "Manu's Adventures in the World of Vectrex and 6809". Manu is the author of Vec Sports Boxing. His website teaches the operation and source code of various example Vectrex programs.
roadsidethoughts.com John Hall, programmer of Mine Storm, Fortress of Narzod and Dark Tower, shares original details on these games.
www.vectrex-emu.blogspot.com Home of the ParaJVE emulator by Franck Chevassu - one of the best Vectrex emulators out there! Website is a blog documenting updates and providing latest version of emulator.
www.emix8.org A few pages by Ville Krumlinde, author of Vectrex Thrust. Details are given on the operation of the game, including source code.
www.vgcollect.freehosting.net/myvectrex.htm Ronen Habot's webpages about his Vectrex and development - hosts binaries and source code, and details about a homemade multicard.
www.malban.de Chris Salomon's website documenting his previous programming projects including the Vectrex. Chris, although quiet now, was once a prolific programmer for the Vectrex, having released several Vectrex games and software to support Vectrex programming. His website includes source code, so very useful to budding new programmers.
Garry's gaming blog Garry's blog on his Vectrex software projects - includes source code, so useful to new Vectrex homebrewers.
www.perso.b2b2c.ca Pierre Sarrazin's CMOC - a Unix-based program that compiles a C-like language, generates 6809 assembly language programs and assembles them into executables with one of the target systems being the Vectrex.