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www.packratvg.com Producer of home brew games for retro systems including the Vectex. Packrat have taken over the distribution of games by John Dondzila.
www.binarystarsoftware.com Chris Malcom's site - a recent homebrewer to the Vectrex, he has already released many game rom binaries, and will sell on cartridge soon.
www.clockworkrobot.com/ James Watt's website for his Vectrex productions including Stramash Zone and the Ultraviolet frame for UV overlays.
www.luchs-soft.de Der Luchs' site - another recent homebrewer to the Vectrex, Der Luchs is notable for the frequency he announces new Vectrex gams. Some are downloadable and others are availabe on cartridge from different suppliers.
www.kristofsvectrexgames.be Kristoft's Vectrex page for Vectrexians, Vector Pilot and Vector Patrol. Several games are in development including Vecruss and Vectorion. The games released so far are some of the best homebrews for the Vectrex.
www.revival-studios.com New Vectrex Games for sale by M. Wenting, author of Debris (2005), Colour Clash (2006), Vectoblox (2007).
www.herbs64.com Alex Herbert's website - author of YASI and Protector. Also included on the website is Verzerk, a speach enabled version of Berzerk. Hasn't been actve for quite a few years.
www.garrysgamingblog.blogspot.de Garry's blog - A collection of his Vectrex projects. He includes source and binary to Alpha-come-Beta releases of his early attempts at games.
TacticalNeuronics.com John Reder's website with a growing list of his games, including downloadable binaries for the Vectrex.
ShatteredScreens.com Official homepage for 3D Vector Space Cab. Free downloadable available, but soon also available as a physical cart. Aso new homebrews on the way Rune and VecRibbon!